Katy Hollyday — Graphic Designer & Digital Strategist based in Washington, DC

Pumpehuset Marketing Campaign

Video, social media graphics

A communications campaign for the Danish music venue, Pumpehuset, located in downtown Copenhagen.

RoleGraphic Designer, Strategist DateDecember 2015

American study abroad students, ages 18 – 24.


Attract American students to concerts at Pumpehuset, a celebrated Danish music venue in downtown Copenhagen.



Pumpehuset’s goal is gritty and realistic ambience which creates an undisguised and unfiltered concert experience for the individual.


Pumpehuset combines international acts with Danish acts to make the concertgoer part of the complete “Danish” experience.


The main concert hall itself only houses 600 people, allowing for an atypical concert experience due to a lack of division between the performer and the concertgoer. The smaller area below the main hall only holds 400 people and allows people to experience the deep history rooted in the venue.


Pumpehuset strives to provide an experience where anything can happen. This includes anything from interacting with the band while they perform to hanging out with them during an after-party in the smaller concert area.